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Linda Hogan

Sacred New Earth

author of "Walk Gently Upon the Earth"


for the planet and for the people



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Tips for Taming the Wilds

Posted on 17 July, 2014 at 13:43 Comments comments (20741)



Wow!  Summer is finally here and it feels so good to be outside again!  I love it.   I was brought up in the country, running wild through woods and meadows. I feel more at home in nature than I do in a house.  My friends, however, who grew up in the city, are not so eager to venture out with me into that strange world where innocent looking plants leave you scratching and bugs seem to come out of nowhere to swarm and bite you. They view it as a hostile world.  By taking a few precautions, even the most dedicated city dweller can venture out and really enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

There are natural ways to deter insects and protect yourself from poisonous plants, and if you do happen to get caught, there are natural remedies that work better than any of those expensive ones at the pharmacy.

Armed with a little knowledge, you can feel secure about entering the secret world of forest and field. 

First of all, you should dress properly. If you' re venturing further than your back yard, into the tall grass or woods, you should wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt. You can find inexpensive clothing that is lightweight and tightly woven that is very comfortable. Light colors are best so you will be able to spot them and remove them before they can do you any harm.  Light blue chambray works for me.  When going through long grass I pull white tube socks up over my pant legs.  Remember, you don't  want to smell like a flower or piece of fruit.  Leave the hairspray, body lotion and perfume at home. You would  do well to cover your head, too.  Ticks have been know to jump out of trees, so don't forget to check your head when you get home  

 Here is a simple recipe for a natural bug repellent that has no harmful chemicals.  To 1 oz of Aloe Vera Gel add  5 drops of Lavender oil, 5 drops of Geranium oil, 5 drops of Citronella oil. This is even safe for children.  Clove Bud, Eucalyptus and Lemon Grass also deter bugs. Experiment.  To make a spray insect repellent you would add the above essential oils and a little alcohol to a spray bottle. Shake them together and then add 1 cup of spring water and shake again.   Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.  I have a friend who we discovered is allergic to Geranium.   You can certainly leave the geranium out.

Keep a small bottle of Lavender essential oil with you incase you do get bit. It will immediately take the sting and swelling out of most insect bites.

Leaves of three, Let them be.   If you're going to be in an area where there is poison ivy, sumac or oak, apply some mild liquid soap to your skin. It acts as a barrier and can be rinsed off as soon as you get home. Nature provides her own protection too. Usually where poison ivy grows, you will find Jewel  Weed growing.  It is a bright green plant with yellow or orange flowers. Little seed pods pop when you touch them.   It is a fleshy plant and contains a juice that counteracts the irritant in poison ivy. Just break off a piece and rub it on your skin.  Make sure you know what Jewel weed looks like before attempting to rub any plant intentionally on yourself.  If you're wearing your long pants, socks and long sleeved shirt, the chances of you getting directly in contact with poisonous plants is limited. You should change out of clothes exposed to these plants immediately upon arrival home and then wash your hands well with soap before touching other parts of your body. The oil in the poison ivy plant can be carried in on clothes or even your pets. Wash these clothes separately.   ve found is to apply compresses of salt water as often as possible. This helps it dry up fast and takes the itch out. Your next outdoor excursion should be to the ocean for a good soak.  With a little preparation, all your summer excursions can be fun.

Linda J Hogan is an Energy Healer/Teacher and Shamanic Healer/Teacher.  She holds classes for Certification in ThetaHealing throughout New England and periodically leads trips to sacred places around the globe.  She's the author of Walk Gently Upon the Earth.




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